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Multifamily Land Loan Mortgage Financing for Apartment Land Properties Nationwide

Multifamily Apartment Land Financing

If you require quick land financing for your multifamily or apartment project, we have private hard money financing and bankable credit partners that have continued to lend during 2014.

We understand that there is a process when developing multifamily apartment land.  Having the correct zoning and entitlements are obviously important to have in place and often time just the starting point for a successful development.

If you need mortgage land financing in order to continue the architectural, engineering, planning or entitlement process and you have equity in the land or an equity land partner give us a call today to discuss your needs.

In order to qualify, the land is preferred to be in an area in the path of growth with a solid exit strategy.  Meaning, there shall be a construction loan in the near future. 

If you are not yet approved for a multifamily construction loan, we can help you.  Several portfolio and GSE lenders are within a phone call away with your multifamily land project.


Vacant or Raw Multifamily Land Rates  

Rates are subject to change but, here is the general idea of the type of bankable vacant multifamily apartment land rates you will receive for well qualified borrowers.

  • 12 - 36 month terms

  • 6.99% to 12% fully amortized

  • Flexible pre-payment penalties

  • 1-4% Loan origination (depends on the program)

Money is available for vacant multifamily land properties.  We work with good and bad credit borrowers.  Full income and non-traditional bank loans are offered.







Multifamily Land Loan Rate Products:

If you are located in areas such as Florida, Georgia, Utah, California, Texas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina and a few others bankable financing is making a comeback.

Free Consultation: Simply call us Toll Free at 888-375-5355 and one of our specialist will be more than happy to help.


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